America’s Power Plan is a platform for innovative thinking about how to manage the transformation happening in the electric power sector today. We bring together America’s clean energy thought leaders to assemble information on a package of policies, markets, and regulations to maximize the grid’s affordability, reliability/resilience, and environmental performance.

Electricity policy is at a crossroads—a conversation about feed-in tariffs or fixed charges is inextricably linked to a full blown discussion about rate design, wholesale power markets, grid management, and utility business models. Without a holistic approach to power sector transformation, policymakers may find it difficult to tackle today’s challenges.

America’s Power Plan curates expert content from the field, with the aim of integrating previously-siloed work into a package of solutions for regulators, policymakers, market operators, utilities, independent energy service providers, and other power sector professionals. The foundational series of eight papers was originally published as a special issue of the Electricity Journal.


Read the Overview of America’s Power Plan: Rethinking Policy to Deliver a Clean Energy Future

Watch an early presentation on America’s Power Plan by Hal Harvey and Sonia Aggarwal to the Energy Future Coalition: