Our nation’s electricity system is undergoing a rapid transformation. Market forces, driven by public demand for cleaner, more efficient energy and technological innovation are redefining America’s power sector. These trends will change the electricity system and utility businesses at their core. But our century-old legal, economic and regulatory structures are thwarting innovation.

We are at a pivotal point in America’s energy history. Decisions and investments made in the next decade will shape the course of the power sector, the economy and public health for decades to come.

More than 150 top energy experts from academia, industry and non-profits have joined America’s Power Plan, a project designed to tackle the tough questions and provide a vehicle for policymakers at the state and local levels to address these challenges.

At the heart of the project are detailed recommendations for improving policies in seven key areas: power markets, utility business models, finance policy, distributed energy resources, distributed generation policy, transmission policy and siting of new power infrastructure.

Since markets, regulatory structures, and utility business models vary across America, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to good policy. America’s Power Plan presents state-of-the-art thinking and a toolkit for state and local decision makers, designed to start a smart conversation about our energy future, not to be the final word.

Presentation on America’s Power Plan by Hal Harvey and Sonia Aggarwal to the Energy Future Coalition